Messaging Drives Mobile Engagement & Retention

Onboard, engage, and retain your users with timely and relevant messages to enhance their app experience.

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Optimize Your Omnichannel Mobile Experience

The average app loses 77 percent of its DAUs within the first three days after the install, so it’s very important for companies to implement an effective omnichannel messaging strategy to improve engagement and retention. Push notifications reach your mobile users in real-time, they extend your app’s utility and keep users connected when they are away. In-app messaging personalizes onboarding for each new user and is an easy way to promote new features and functionality, driving opt-ins and upgrades. SMS is another avenue to deliver important updates, provide offers, and drive monetization. Emails are important asynchronous communication to deliver weekly updates, highlight new functionality, and remind users of the power of your product. OneSignal is the best partner for mobile companies to deliver relevant messages across channels to maximize your user engagement and loyalty.

Industry mobile increase sessions and dau mau

Increase Sessions and DAU/MAU

App installs and sessions continue to see strong growth, so it’s becoming more important for mobile companies to capture mindshare as they compete in an increasingly crowded mobile space. Send relevant, real-time messages to stay top of mind, drive users back to your app, and boost engagement. Deliver important news and updates, customized recommendations, activity reminders, account alerts, and more. If your app allows users to interact with each other, strengthen your community by notifying your user when someone comments or interacts. Reward engagement, such as by celebrating milestones or unlocking premium content, to keep your users coming back.

Industry mobile reduced churn

Reduce Churn

Re-engaging existing users is 5x cheaper than attempting to acquire new ones, and messaging can help reduce churn by over 35%. Give dormant users a reason to come back to your product or service. Automate sequences based on user behavior, such as a reactivation flow with special offers for users who haven’t returned in X days or weeks. Announce new content or features and show how your product has improved. Send targeted nudges to users who have abandoned critical flows, such as adding their personal information or setting up appointments.

Industry mobile driving conversions and revenue

Drive Conversions and Revenue

Messaging drives user action, including increasing in-app purchases by 100%. Sending relevant messaging with strong CTAs to targeted audiences increases the success of purchases and subscriptions, especially when there is a promotion involved. For apps who monetize through advertising, messaging directly increases revenue from digital advertising and affiliate partnerships by increasing visits and ad impressions. Investing in retention also helps improve your customer acquisition ROI and can decrease your acquisition spend.

Industry mobile grow your audience

Grow Your Audience

Mobile companies spend a lot on acquisition, but they also need a seamless way for users and anonymous visitors to stay in touch. Make the most of each visit as paid marketing becomes increasingly expensive due to privacy regulations and tracking challenges. Easily capture email and SMS and communicate the benefits of downloading your app. Once users have your app, use an in-app message to reach all active users and educate them about how opting in to notifications improves their user experience. Encourage your users to refer new users from their network, and then send a thank you message when they do.

Industry mobile onboard your users to success

Onboard Your Users to Success

Create welcome and nurture flows to educate users on how to perform specific functions and use core app features. Highlight important app functionality and guide your users with tips on how to get the most out of your app. Set up an in-app Carousel to introduce information in digestible chunks and use design elements to help convey meaning. In-app messaging also helps obtain push and location permissions as well as user data and preferences that are crucial to personalizing your app experience. Personalize your flows so they deliver relevant content based on how your users are engaging with your product.

Industry mobile create seamless customer journey

Deliver Important Account Updates

Timely event confirmations and account updates help provide a seamless customer experience and inspire confidence in your app. Use our powerful API to send transactional messages via push, email, or SMS so that users are kept up-to-date with relevant activity. Automate alerts so customers are aware when there is something time-sensitive or their action is required. Keeping your customers up to date will also improve the customer experience and reduce costs, including decreasing customer service-related costs.

Yuliia Hryshchenko
One of our goals in using OneSignal was to increase our retention rate. After starting to use OneSignal and personalizing our messages, our retention increased by 22 percent.
Industry mobile boost message engagement

Boost Message Engagement

Personalize your mobile messaging by integrating user data attributes or behaviors. Use rich media to make your messages engaging, including using images, gifs, sounds, and videos when relevant. Improve results with flexible delivery options, including Intelligent Delivery, which increases open rates by 23%. Gather data-driven insights by A/B testing different elements to optimize your mobile messaging.

Industry mobile reach right audience

Reach the Right Audience

It’s important to curate the right messaging experience for each user. Set up auto-segmentation to tag your users with the topics they interact with. Create targeted audience Segments with filters, data tags, and location data to improve open rates by 50%. Automate API-triggered transactional messages to alert your audience about account updates. You can do all this and more with OneSignal.

Industry mobile analyze performance and build on your success

Analyze Performance & Build on Your Success

Analytics are important to understand how your user engagement and messaging strategy impacts your bottom line. Set up Outcome (conversion) tracking to monitor all the user behaviors and events you care about, without paying more for a third-party provider. You can also analyze Outcomes using multiple attribution methods, so you know what actions occurred as a direct or indirect result of your messaging campaigns. Calculate metrics with Confirmed Delivery data, which reports successful delivery to the end user, so you can gain a more accurate understanding of audience engagement.

Industry integrations

Unify Your Tech Stack & Enrich Your Messaging

OneSignal integrates with leading, best-of-breed software solutions (analytics, CMS, eCommerce, CDP, and more). Create targeted funnels and audiences by linking your OneSignal account with your preferred solutions. See the list of OneSignal Integration Partners.