Kinsta Sees Immediate Bump in Organic Traffic using Web Push

Case Study

Brian Jackson, Director of Inbound at Kinsta, first tried OneSignal on his personal blog. After seeing great results, he worked with the team at Kinsta to add it to their company website and blog.

Besides our newsletter subscribers, we wanted to have another source of ‘instant readers’ we could reach right after we published our latest tutorial. We were also looking for additional ways to increase our overall website traffic.

Reaching more users on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Since Google no longer allows websites to show popups, websites like Kinsta have had a harder time building a list of email subscribers. Push notifications have become a perfect alternative.

Prior to OneSignal, Kinsta used a Web Push vendor that only supported Safari. But 90% of Kinsta’s traffic uses the Chrome browser. Switching to OneSignal enabled Kinsta to reach a far larger audience.

After implementing OneSignal, Kinsta immediately began to see great results.

With OneSignal’s latest segmentation improvements, they can also conditionally offer users complementary products or upsells and they can personalize the notifications delivered to individual users.

In less than 3 months of using OneSignal, it is already our 3rd highest organic traffic source! We get very consistent traffic spikes that coincide with our content publishing. And as our OneSignal user base grows, so does our traffic.


Using notifications to convert leads into customers

Using OneSignal’s support for UTM parameters, Kinsta found that users arriving from notifications have a higher session duration and lower bounce rate. They also convert into leads and customers, leading to a direct increase in Kinsta’s subscription revenue.

Beyond quality traffic, our push notification traffic converts into leads and customers at a rate of 2.5%. We have a higher cost of entry at Kinsta, so this is quite good. Our push notifications are reaching non-customers who are enjoying our content and then inquiring about our services.

Up and running in just a few minutes

Kinsta uses OneSignal’s own WordPress plugin, which makes it easy for any WordPress blog owner to add Web Push support to their blog, and to have it automatically send notifications for new posts. OneSignal’s wordpress plugin is used by over 20,000 sites.

Implementation of the OneSignal plugin was very straightforward. OneSignal has great documentation. We had everything up and running in a matter of 15 minutes.

Maximize click-through

Web Push technologies are evolving rapidly, and OneSignal stays on top of these changes to help companies maximize effectiveness. Most recently, OneSignal’s day-one support of Chrome’s Large Image feature helped Kinsta increase their click-through rate with minimal effort.

Finally, Brian and his team have been running experiments to determine the best frequency of notifications.

For us, we found the sweet spot of 2x pushes per week based on our publishing frequency. This is something each publisher will have to test themselves, but it’s best to start slower.

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